Tuninetti's history

For over 60 years the family Tuninetti is dedicated to its customers, by selecting and delivering the most appropriate solutions for “dressing” gifts with precious and researched LUXUS gift wrapping papers.

This commitment has developed, all over the years, the ability of TUNINETTI to understand and anticipate the needs of the market, enhancing the quality of products and the attention to customer service.

We are therefore convinced that choosing the suitable gift wrapping paper for each single occasion is as important as choosing the right gift in itself; it’s not only a question of aesthetics but a deep attention to details.

LUXUS gift wrapping paper enables us to customize every kind of gift in an unique and particular way. LUXUS collection continuously reinvents itself while remaining faithful to the core values and unique TUNINETTI’s style. The LUXUS collection from TUNINETTI will always succeed in rendering your gifts elegant, timeless glamour and joyful thanks to different textures, colors and nuances.

With our ALTRIX brand we, from TUNINETTI, fulfill all other packaging needs from our customers thanks to articles such as shoppers, tissue papers, bags and many other packaging solutions.

Last but not least, with our GIDI.T brand we distribute a huge variety of products to the Great Distribution Channels.

We are proud to underline that our working philosophy has always been based on quality, creativity and product innovation of the “MADE IN ITALY” product and since many years we are applying the eco- sustainable way of living and manufacturing.


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